Special buckets

Mini excavators Phoenix 400  can be used with a wide variety of buckets presented below.

Rake bucket

The rake bucket is designed to sort pebbles and inert materials from the ground.

Ideal tool in brushing and grinding operations.

Kit - 150 $ / Assembled - 200 $

Bucket width 24"
Gap between the blades 2.3"
Weight 77 lbs

Plan soudure (jpeg)


The Ripper is the ideal accessory for all hard ground work. It makes it possible to scrape and prepare compact and stony térrains

The ripper is also used in green spaces to make very small trenches (laying of buried sheaths) and the removal of trees.

Kit - 95 $ / Assembled - 150 $

Blade of 5/8"
Height 12"
Weight 55 lbs

Plan soudure (jpeg)

Skeleton bucket

The skeleton bucket is designed to select pebbles and inert materials from the ground. By shaking the arm of the machine, tipping will drop the material of smaller size to the distance of the blades.

Kit - 140 € TTC / WP - 170 € All tax included

Bucket of 40 cm (standard size, modifiable on estimate)

Gap between the blades 40 mm

Weight 22 kgs

Plan soudure (jpeg)

Front loading bucket

Frontal bucket allowing to load and move rock, earth...
Loading capacity 60L; it is installed by replacing the stick.

Kit - 200 $ /  Assembled - 270 $

Weight 121 lbs

Rake bucket

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Ripper tooth

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Godet chargeur

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