General Conditions of Sales

To Order

You need to obtain a quote and for this you must: Complete and return the order form, available on the "Excavator Phoenix 400" pages, then contact us by phone, email or mail and tell us your exact order.... You must specify your contact information (Name, delivery and billing address, phone number, email ....) correctly and / or complete your order if necessary, on the copy of the quote that you must return.
A default preset color or mandatory options are present with each excavator, we reserve the right to assign the options of our choice if not specified otherwise. You have a period of up to one week after the reception of an accepted quotes which was validated by our services to make any change on your order. We will not be liable if some elements on the quotes lead to a problem (e.g. wrong delivery address; wrong phone number....).
To validateyour order, we need a signed copy of the quote and a deposit of 750$ or the entire order (unless prior agreement). The validation of the order implies the acceptation of these terms of sale, the recognition of having perfect knowledge and waiving your own conditions of purchase or other conditions to accept thoses present here.

Payment terms

You can pay by check (payable to HHO-Canada Inc), by bank transfer (bank info on the bottom of the quote) or cash (maximum 1 000 $).
For other payment methods, prior agreement from us is necessary, additionnal fees may applies depending on the mode of payment.
A deposit is required to order (variable amount selont product), the balance must be paid before taking possession of your order.


The prices listed on the website are in canadian dollars (CAD), 5% TPS and 9.975% TVQ are applicable.
We reserve the right to change the prices listed on the site at any time. Prices do not include delivery costs. The final bill will be showing everey applicable taxes and fees.
In case of errors on our website or on order, thank you to let us know by contacting us by phone or email.

Retractation time

Any consumer has a period of 7 days to exercise its right to withdraw without having to justify reasons nor to pay penalties, in except the cost of return. 

The buyers, non-professional individuals, benefit from a 7 day period after reception of their order to return the product to the seller for exchange or refund without penalty, excluding for transport costs and conditioning.

Retention of property

The merchandise remains HHO-Canada inc's property until the full payment. The buyer is responsible for the goods upon delivery, transport included. The merchandise can be resumed on simple summons if the payments are not made on the agreed dates.

Delivery times

Delivery times may vary depending on our production, thank you to inquire when ordering, on average :

- 1 to 2 weeks for a kit
- 1 to 2 weeks for a painted welded machine
- 2 to 3 weeks for an assembled machine

Attention delays are announced for a standard machine, any modification may lead to additionnal delays.

Depending on the accessories ordered in addition to the machine, the delays may vary depending on stock and supplier restocking times, we will keep you informed during order preparation and in case of problems with possible solutions.


Deliveries are made to the address specified on the quote. The default delivery address is the billing address unless specified otherwise. The order must include in addition a telephone number for the carrier to provide a date for delivery.

The delivery address must be accessible to the address carrier (heavyweight 19 ton). Otherwise, additional fees may be affected in addition to the customer.

Any modification or feature must be given when placing the order, and may be subject to a additional fees from the vendor / carrier.

Upon reception of your order, you need to check that it is intact and complete (if open packages). It is imperative to check the contents and the condition of the pallet, in case of damaged packaging or missing main parts, concerns must imperatively be mentioned on the delivery of the carrier. It is your responsibility to make write any anomalies on the carrier's landing bill with the carrier, we can not do anything if concerns were not made at the reception of the parcel.

Delivery times are in addition to production times, an estimate of the delivery date can be given to the order but it may vary depending on our service providers.

No claim can be made if reservations were not made in the rules to the carrier upon delivery.

We are in no way responsible for damage to the pallet during transportation.

The transport does not include the warranty on the paint.

After sales service

Any missing service request must be made within one month of the receipt of your order. The application must be sent by email or by post (mentioned in the preamble) with "After sale service" mention with your full contact details and the exact purpose of your application.
The service requests on the main parts of the machine (engine, flexible tracks and welded part) will be subject to verification by us.
Any missing after sale service applications will be accepted only once for any missing part, transport fees may aplly.


All products supplied by HHO-Canada come with a guarantee for 1 year parts and labor.
- For parts, you must contact us in advance, if we confirm the malfunction of a part, a new one will be sent in replacement, (unless otherwise specified by us) return transport at your expense.
- For labor, the customer must contact us in advance. The warranty is made in our workshops in Sherbrooke, unless otherwise stated in writing by us.

Transportation (Roundtrip) are the Customer'expenses, whatever the cause of the after sale service.
In any case, claims, requests for exchange or refund must be done with our agreement beforehand, no service will be made by direct presentation of the customer, repairs and replacements will be done by appointment only.


The seller is only bound by an obligation of means. His liability can not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the machine outside the scope defined in general terms and in the user's guide.


These online terms of sale are subject to Canadian laws.
In case of dispute, jurisdiction is given to the competent courts, despite multiple defendants or guarantee.


As part of the evolution of our machines, some parts or technical caracteristics are subject to change. Thus online editing technical manuals, may have a delay before being published.
Please accept our apologies.
We inform you that some older machines do not have online editing technical manuals, they are still available on request. In all cases we are available to our customers for technical support.

Intellectual property

All elements of HHO-Canada's website are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of the latter.
Nobody is allowed to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site wether they are softwares, visuals or sounds. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without express written consent from us.

In Personal Data

According to the law relating to data, the name information of customerss may be subject to automated processing.

General Condition of Use

Québec civil code:

1468. Le fabricant d’un bien meuble, même si ce bien est incorporé à un immeuble ou y est placé pour le service ou l’exploitation de celui-ci, est tenu de réparer le préjudice causé à un tiers par le défaut de sécurité du bien. Il en est de même pour la personne qui fait la distribution du bien sous son nom ou comme étant son bien et pour tout fournisseur du bien, qu’il soit grossiste ou détaillant, ou qu’il soit ou non l’importateur du bien.
1469. Il y a défaut de sécurité du bien lorsque, compte tenu de toutes les circonstances, le bien n’offre pas la sécurité à laquelle on est normalement en droit de s’attendre, notamment en raison d’un vice de conception ou de fabrication du bien, d’une mauvaise conservation ou présentation du bien ou, encore, de l’absence d’indications suffisantes quant aux risques et dangers qu’il comporte ou quant aux moyens de s’en prémunir.
1473. Le fabricant, distributeur ou fournisseur d’un bien meuble n’est pas tenu de réparer le préjudice causé par le défaut de sécurité de ce bien s’il prouve que la victime connaissait ou était en mesure de connaître le défaut du bien, ou qu’elle pouvait prévoir le préjudice. Il n’est pas tenu, non plus, de réparer le préjudice s’il prouve que le défaut ne pouvait être connu, compte tenu de l’état des connaissances, au moment où il a fabriqué, distribué ou fourni le bien et qu’il n’a pas été négligent dans son devoir d’information lorsqu’il a eu connaissance de l’existence de ce défaut.

Customer protection law, RLRQ, c. P-40.1

53. Le consommateur qui a contracté avec un commerçant a le droit d’exercer directement contre le commerçant ou contre le fabricant un recours fondé sur un vice caché du bien qui a fait l’objet du contrat, sauf si le consommateur pouvait déceler ce vice par un examen ordinaire. Il en est ainsi pour le défaut d’indications nécessaires à la protection de l’utilisateur contre un risque ou un danger dont il ne pouvait lui-même se rendre compte. Ni le commerçant, ni le fabricant ne peuvent alléguer le fait qu’ils ignoraient ce vice ou ce défaut. Le recours contre le fabricant peut être exercé par un consommateur acquéreur subséquent du bien.